Friday, August 14, 2009

We Love Pizza!

My family LOVES pizza! I think this is probably an understatement! We all could eat it at least twice a week, that is how much we love it. Here in our Georgia town, we have lots of good "local" pizza places, but, like everything, getting pizza out adds up.

Ever since we moved to Georgia, my mother has made homemade pizza. It was always a special night when mom made homemade pizza! Yum! It is so delicious! For years, after Hubbie and I got married, I made the same recipe. Once Peanut came along, I found it very difficult to make the same recipe. It takes a little thinking ahead and once Peanut came, my "thinking ahead" to dinner wasn't always there, so the search was on. I needed to find a quicker way of making pizza. I found this recipe and posted it here. That recipe was good and quicker than the family favorite, but still required a little thinking ahead! I don't know how many times we would plan to have pizza for dinner and I wouldn't get the dough made in time for its "rising period" and then we'd be wondering what to do for dinner. Most of the time, since we were set on pizza, we would order pizza. It is so much cheaper to make pizza. I'm not even sure how much it costs to make pizza at home, but unless you're going to Little Ceasars (which is $5 plus tax a pizza), you're not gonna get anywhere close to what we make it at home for.

So, I began searching again for a "no-rise" option of pizza crusts. I was really wary about trying a "no rise" or very little rise crust, but have been pleasantly surprised by this recipe-

1 tbsp yeast
1 1/4 cup of warm water
2 tbsp oil (we use olive oil)
3 1/2- 4 cups of flour
1 tsp salt

Disolve yeast in water. Add oil and salt. Stir in flour slowly. Rise 20 mins. Punch down dough. Separate. Will make two medium pizzas. Enjoy!

This recipe has been wonderful for our budget! If I've had a crazy day or all of the sudden decide that tonight needs to be a pizza night, I can make this dough and have the pizzas made in about a hour. I've been using this recipe since the beginning of the year and have not had one problem. There have been some days that at 4 o'clock I'll decide to make the dough and I just punch it down a few times until I'm ready to make the pizzas, but like I said, if I forget about dinner until 6, I make it then, let it rise 20 mins on my dryer and we have dinner!

We can usually make this recipe last our family two meals. We'll eat pizza with fruit one night and then for the leftover pizza we'll add these yummy breadsticks.

Note: I found this recipe somewhere online, my apologizes for not linking to it, but I have no clue where I got it from!

In the recipe above, I have never gotten 4 cups of flour in the dough. I usually use 1 cup of whole wheat flour and almost 2 cups of regular white flour. If you can get that much flour in it, great! If not, don't worry, it'll still turn out the same!

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kimishlawson said...

Thanks for sharing! I plan to try it out tonight. Could you also post your mom's recipe? Since I only have one little girl, I am still able to make time-consuming meals. Girls are SO easy! LOL anyway, I'd like to try your mom's, too.