Friday, February 19, 2010

Warm Chicken Pasta

Today we began a new menu style and method for our family.  Its just a trial.  I will write more about it on Monday when I post my Menu Plan Monday, over at my main blog, Hyperactive Lu.  Our first new meal was this Warm Chicken Pasta.  It was good and filling.  This pasta was very easy to make while the boys ran around the house during the "bewitching hour".  Since Hubbie didn't get home 'til late that night, I was glad that it was so easy!  I hate doing new recipes without anyone helping with the boys.  

 Warm Chicken Pasta over Romaine Lettuce

Purchase 1 box of Kraft pasta salad(1.29), 1 chicken breast(1.00), 1 bag of Romaine lettuce1/2 bag-1.50)and crescent rolls(1.20).  

Make the box of pasta salad according to the package.  Boil chicken breast until done.  Once chicken is done, cube and mix into the pasta salad.  Wash and drain the lettuce and separate onto plates.  Scoop pasta salad over the lettuce.  Serve with apple slices and a crescent roll.    

The downsides to this meal for our family is that we did not have any leftovers and I probably spent around $5.  I can usually make a casserole/pasta dish for our family for less than $5 and feed our family a few times on it, so this is definitely not a "cheap" meal.    

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